The odd history of the Mattress

Everyone Knows what a Mattress is be they pocketed coil mattresses, innerspring mattresses, plush top mattresses, pillow top mattresses, or even just a futon. It is normal to find people that know the difference between a plush top and a pillow top mattress in columbus ohio. But it can be difficult to locate real info about the past.

Luckily we have the capability to assist you with that, Sleep Well Columbus, a Mattress Warehouse in Columbus Ohio has been compiling a modicum of interesting mattress facts to help you out with being informed about some more about the history of the bed. mind you this will not be a all encompassing page, honestly this list’s primary goal is to supply the average person some entertainment and trivia and being at least somewhat educational.

The beginnings of the word mattress are one of those things that some of us are curious about, it actually comes from an arabic word “al-matrah” that means “the cushion he threw down” eventually this word became “materas” during the assimilation of european and arab cultures.

A few researchers discovered a stack of mattresses around 77 thousand years old . I say a stack of mattresses because apparently , the sibudu cave, 25 miles north of Durban, South Africa, was a oft frequented rest area for nomadic early humans, the mattresses were not at all like what we currently would use, these mats were mostly just compacted plant matter. At least it was more comfortable than sleeping on just stone though.

Shakespeare’s will left his 2nd best bed to Anne, His Wife. to Some this appears like an insult, it really wasn’t. In Shakespeare’s time the best bed was kept in the main common room and was a public thing, the 2nd best bed was most likely the marital bed, and the one they both usually slept in.

The first couple shown on television in bed together during prime time were the flintstones, most likely due to either societal taboo at the time about showing any suggestion of two people in bed together, or an fcc regulation preventing two actors from occupying the same bed on tv, either way, the fred and wilma were able to skirt the rules by being an animated couple.

Cast iron beds and cotton mattresses started to become popular during the late 18th century. However their popularity expanded rapidly because people discovered that the combination of the two made their sleeping space less attractive to bugs, until that time bugs and pests were just another part of even the richest beds.

It wasn’t until 1871 that Heinrich Westphal invented the innerspring mattress, Heinrich lived in Germany, and died in Poverty, never profiting from his remarkable invention. It took sixty years before innerspring mattresses gained any portion of widespread use.

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